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St. Bernard of Montjoux, Patron Saint of Mountaineers and Skiers

I’m not catholic, what do I need a patron saint for? For not falling off a mountain or into a crevasse? A good climbing partner and solid technical skills should take care of that!¬†Neither do I believe that a prayer … Continue reading

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Castle Peak (NorCal) and Tenaya Lake skating

“This is too easy. We are looking for Sierra 3rd Class, not Aconcagua 3rd Class” (Louise looking for the approach to Castle Peak) Well, Tamarack was cancelled, but Louise and I decided we still wanted to have fun in the … Continue reading

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Ski Touring Ascent of Tamarack Peak (not)

You’ll get Entwives, Golden Eagles, President Hoover and plenty of mistletoe instead. My intent today was to write about my first backcountry ski touring peak climb of Tamarack Peak near Tahoe. Crappy to nonexistent snow, at this time 1-2 inches … Continue reading

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My year of climbing volcanoes: Grand Finale in Ecuador

Lassen, Shasta, Mt Rainier, and finally, Mexican Volcanoes in October. Until I noticed Rick kept mentioning how the safety of traveling in Mexico did cause him some concerns, especially considering he has family responsibilities. So, after a few phone calls … Continue reading

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Kaizen: Becoming a Stronger Mountaineer

Today, I was attending a Webinar on “Keeping the Continuous in Continuous Improvement”, which focused on how to sustain Kaizen in the Healthcare setting through constant small improvements. Work is defined as equally¬†doing work and improving the work. Suddenly, it … Continue reading

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Did Mountaineering Change Me?

During my recent climbing trip to Ecuador, a fellow climber and I had a discussion on the question “Do people change?”. I did answer the question in a very contradictory manner. Thanks to being stuck at home with vertigo, I … Continue reading

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