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Samhain The veil is thin, The old year dies. Darkness envelopes The souls of the living. Surrender yourself To night. Even as a child, I was never afraid of being outside at night. The forest, the mountains, the meadows are … Continue reading

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There is no hell (really)

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about going to hell (not), in which I described some of the experiences which led me to leave the church I grew up in. I was very surprised that more than 30 … Continue reading

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Sonja learns to weave: Prologue

I did it! I signed up for a weaving class in November at Custom Handweavers in Mountain View. Wednesday & Friday evenings and Saturday mornings for there weeks. Now how did I get that idea? Weaving? Recently, I received a … Continue reading

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Going to hell (not)

This has been siting in my blog draft for 5 months now. Time to let it out. Continue reading

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Fantasy, Apocalypse, and the Industrialized World

Some musings on the relationship between Fantasy and Science Fiction, and the place of these genres in our world. Continue reading

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