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St. Bernard of Montjoux, Patron Saint of Mountaineers and Skiers

I’m not catholic, what do I need a patron saint for? For not falling off a mountain or into a crevasse? A good climbing partner and solid technical skills should take care of that!┬áNeither do I believe that a prayer … Continue reading

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Did Mountaineering Change Me?

During my recent climbing trip to Ecuador, a fellow climber and I had a discussion on the question “Do people change?”. I did answer the question in a very contradictory manner. Thanks to being stuck at home with vertigo, I … Continue reading

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It bothers me

I have not been feeling well in the last six weeks. Not physically, but emotionally. Finally, it has been crystallizing in my heart what is going on. I live in one of the richest cities in a very rich county, … Continue reading

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