Dehydrate, dehydrate, dehydrate!

A new kitchen gadget! A shiny (no, plastic) new (no, scratched) food dehydrator 🙂 Spacious 9 quadratic trays, timer, and temperature selection ranging from yoghurt to jerky. Who says Excalibur is only for fans of medieval literature or Fantasy?

4th of July and with it the Desolation Wilderness trip was looming, so I got to work. I bought a basket full of peaches,  nectarines and apples at the Palo Alto Farmer’s Market. I also got some yams and ingredients for chili to make some recipes from I also added a banana/peanut-butter fruit leather recipe from the Excalibur booklet.

My kitchen was soon taken over by myself wielding my favorite large Solingen kitchen knife  to slice all the goodness into 1/4 inch pieces. The fruit got dunked in lime juice to prevent it from browning. Soon, scents of drying fruit, sweet potato bark and the chili preparing in the slow cooker were wafting through the kitchen. I think I got too much nutmeg in the sweet potato bark, but I will report back how strong the re-hydrated version mixed with cereal really is.

Everything worked out really well. The drying times in the instruction booklet were right on the mark. The fan in the unit is by far less noisy than I thought it would be.  I am quite excited to have saved about $10/day on backpacking meals. In addition, I can avoid all the extra sugar, salt, and chemical preservatives in store-bought trail mix and dried fruit. I will have more variety for meals as well.

Next up: yoghurt, cottage cheese and dried brown rice. I’ll keep you posted!

Oh, and two days after bringing the shipping box to the dumpster I see a student with a bunch of boxes on the back of his truck. There it was – moving a Stanford graduate on to a new life.

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